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Green Energy Innovation Department

Welcome to the Green Energy Innovation Department,we offer the following courses from NITA examination body:

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Major Requirements for Solar P.V Trainees

  1. Must have sound electrical installation background having served in the industry for at least 2 years,
    Such a trainee will only enroll for a 2-months training for topping up his/her electrical installation skills with Solar P.V
  2. For a fresh enrolment , i.e a trainee without electrical background the course must take at least 5 months;  3 Months electrical installation, and 2 months Solar P.V technology
Course Course Requirements Course Duration Tuition Fee Per Term(Ksh) Exam Body
 Solar PV and Domestic Electrical Installation KCSE 4 Month NITA
Solar PV Designers and Installers Level 1 One Week NITA
Domestic Solar PV Design and Installation, Level 1 KCSE 4 Months NITA
Commercial Solar PV Design and Installation, level 2 KCSE 2 Months NITA
Industrial Solar PV Design and Installation level 3 KSCE 1 Month Strathmore University

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