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Welcome to Vitech Training Institute.

To produce holistic individuals, we believe many factors play a role. The administrator office has been established within the college to ensure such all-rounded graduates are made possible. The office performs many functions that include but are not limited to:

Industrial Attachment & Internships

We believe that classroom experience without industrial exposure is not enough if our graduates are to fit in the job market or for self-employment. Our students normally take a mandatory three months industrial attachment to gain industry experience before completion of their studies. This instills confidence in them that whatever is taught in the classroom matches the industrial expectations. On completion of their respective courses, we also assist in finding internships for our students.

Industrial linkages & Collaborations

We are at the forefront in linking the college with industry partners. Some of our students have gained employment from such efforts. Some of our partners are the Rona Foundation, Mwangaza Life, Impact Research & development organization, The Double Joy Children’s Farm, Legio Maria Church of East Africa, The Anglican Church of Kenya amongst others. We thank the religious organizations for chaplaincy services

Guiding & Counselling

Students, just like any other people undergo different challenges whilst at college. On the realization of this fact, the college through the dean of students’ office provides guiding and counseling services to our students’ case by case. We also invite other specialists to periodically talk to our students on different issues affecting their lives in and out of college.

Extra Curricular Activities

Through the office of the dean, we recognize, appreciate and put into practice the individual student skills in different areas. This, we do through participation in different gaming activities as ball games, music, drama among other activities. We also manage our alumni from this department

Dr. Violet Simiyu (PHD)

Administrator, Vitech Training Institute Nairobi Campus

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