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VITECH TRAINING INSTITUTE-TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL COLLEGE(VTITVC) prides itself on the provision of highly skilled and competent trainees whose performance and consistent demand in industry has continued to attest to this fact. Indeed, our trainees who will be exiting the college after completion of their studies will be joining their colleagues and have the opportunity to exercise their skills in an ever-expanding production, service, and construction industry. This is significant as it reverses the perception of a thinning job market and equally enables the trainees to leverage the opportunities and improve their skills. The training received at the college is a major agent of social mobility. The choice to pursue a TVET program at VTITVC is an express ticket to a rewarding career illustrate the almost infinite opportunities available in the TVET sector, let me relate the following rather sad but true story about the state of skills development in Kenya. In the 1890s, the colonial government understandably imported artisans from India to help lay the Kenya Uganda railway. At this time, such skills were alien to the region; in fact, Kenya as a nation was non-existent. Sadly, more than a century later, independent  Kenya had to import skilled personnel from China to do the same job, this time laying the standard gauge railway. All that time we never learned.

However, it will appear that finally there is some glimmer of light somewhere in the tunnel. There is a reawakening of the TVET sector giving hope that at some point, hopefully within the timeline of the Kenyan vision 2030, the country will redeem itself by developing the much-needed skills to propel it into the status of the middle-income economy and able to provide a quality livelihood to its citizens. Vitech Training Institute Technical and Vocational College shares in this vision and will play its role in ensuring that it continues to churn out qualified and competent technicians and technologists to provide much-needed skills to take this Nation to the next level of development. It pays to dream and in the famed words of our own-OUR DREAMS ARE VALID.

All these can see the light of the day by strong support from the department of finance which is headed by the finance manager whose responsibility is handling the finances of the college in liaison with the management of VTIVTC. As a team, we diligently undertake the roles as assigned to us under the following: Expenditure Accounting, Revenue Collection, Students Finance, and all requirements under the performance contract Agreement.

The main functions of the finance department include; Budgeting and Budgetary control, Implementing the institutions’ financial policies and procedures, Financial Reporting, implementing obligations, Facilitating audits, and other legal aspects. Enhancement of corporate ethics in order to satisfy all stakeholders through transparency and accountability is also the function of the office of finance.


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